Nature Trails

Palani Hills, Pollachi, Nilgiris


Deep in the interiors of Tamil Nadu, within lush hills and pastoral countryside, age-old craft traditions thrive. Meet generations of potters who shape magic with red clay. Visit a village of weavers to see the region’s rich handloom legacy. Experience the stunning natural bounty of the Nilgiri Hills, carpeted in tea estates and home to a unique tribal culture. Delve deeper into Tamil Nadu with us. 


  • Spot native birds and go trekking in the beautiful Palani Hills
  • Watch a 5th-generation potter at work in Pollachi
  • Learn how to make jaggery the traditional way
  • Sample some of the world’s finest teas in the Nilgiris
  • Ride a scenic mountain route on the heritage Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  • Explore a traditional Toda village with a local

DAY 1-4

Away from the busy towns. Tamil Nadu’s hills offer a serene retreat in nature. Wake with birdsong and explore the forested hillside on gentle treks. Spot a variety of birds and explore local villages and temples. From the beautiful Palani Hills, you’ll head to Pollachi for a slice of the countryside. Watch the traditional process of making jaggery or crafting beautiful pottery. 

DAY 5-7

The Nilgiri Hills are known for their shola forests and rolling meadows. Some of the finest tea in the world is produced here, and you’ll have a chance to explore estates as well as sample brews straight from the source. Ride a heritage mountain railway to the quaint hill town of Ooty, where you can visit a traditional Toda village and see scenic mountain views. 

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Palani Hills, Pollachi, Nilgiris


7 Nights

Best time to visit

December - May

Ideal for

Couples, Families


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Coco Lagoon by Great Mount

Palani Hills

Tranquil Nest

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