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A charming colonial-era cottage, set amidst eucalyptus groves and pine trees, with views of Kodai Lake - Dunnottar Bungalow feels like home because it is a home. The summer holiday home of the Puliyadi family was where they would reconnect with their loved ones, picnic by the lakeside, and walk through the woods. After loving restoration, the heritage bungalow is now open to guests, so you too can experience a languid summer vacation in the cool confines of Kodaikanal. The cottage encourages people to come together - in the sunroom, in the gardens, or the communal dining space - to make lasting memories.


Picnic in the meadows

Kodaikanal offers some fabulous local cheese, chocolate, and baked goods. Pack a picnic basket of locally curated products and enjoy a serene afternoon in nature.

Boating on the lake

A gentle ride on a wooden boat is the best way to explore all five arms of Kodai Lake. You could hire a boatman, or even try your hand at rowing.

Forest treks

Kodai’s Shola forests are biodiverse gems, best explored on guided hikes with local experts. Choose from half-day or full-day trails and varying levels of difficulty.

Bonfire & BBQ

Gather under the stars with your friends and family for a lovely bonfire in the lap of nature, supplemented with a delicious barbecue dinner.

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March - June

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The Dunnottar Bungalow - living & dining room, North


The Dunnottar Bungalow - living & dining room 1, South


The Dunnottar Bungalow - Sun room, North


The Dunnottar Bungalow - Master bedroom, North

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