Forest Trails and Island Magic

Mysore, Kabini, Coorg, Bangalore, Port Blair, Havelock


Royal capitals and vibrant metropolises, wildlife-filled jungles and tropical islands – experience it all on this incredible journey through Karnataka and the Andaman Islands. Trace the history of the Maharajas of Mysore at the city’s dazzling palaces and galleries. See large cats on jungle safari and explore the hillside spice plantations of Coorg. Bangalore’s buzzy markets and breweries will offer you a slice of city life before you head into the remote Andaman Islands. Here, you can go underwater to see thriving coral reefs or just unwind on gorgeous white sand beaches.


  • Retrace the footsteps of the Maharajahs on a Mysore walking tour
  • See elephants and track tigers on jungle safari in Kabini
  • Tour the lush spice and coffee plantations of Coorg
  • Join a fun-filled pub crawl in Bangalore
  • See bioluminescence on a night kayak tour
  • Scuba dive to see rich marine and coral life in the Andamans


DAY 1-4

Karnataka’s royal legacy lies preserved in dazzling palaces, craft-filled bazaars and age-old recipes. Mysore is a grand old city that maintains this richly cultured past. Explore the city’s stunning palace architecture, and then head deep into the wilderness of Kabini.  Formerly the Maharajas hunting grounds, the forests of the Kabini backwaters are today a wildlife-rich reserve filled with large cats and rare birds.

DAY 5-7

From the jungles, you’ll head to the lush green hills of Coorg, draped with coffee estates. Experience life on a hillside plantation and dine on delicious Kodava food. Feel the  buzz of city life on a fun-filled pub crawl in Bangalore, bursting with craft breweries and cocktail bars. 

DAY 8-12

Leave the mainland behind and head to the tropical islands of the Andamans where a spectacular beach holiday awaits. The islands are all white sand beaches and turquoise waters, dense mangrove forests and secret waterfalls. Explore the island’s rich coral and marine life or sign up for a scuba diving lesson, go out on the water on a kayak, or just spend your days on a seaside hammock.

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Mysore, Kabini, Coorg, Bangalore, Port Blair, Havelock


12 Nights

Best time to visit

December - April

Ideal for

Couples, Families, Solo

Port Blair

Sea Shell, Port Blair


The Windflower Resorts and Spa

Havelock Island

Barefoot at Havelock


KAAV Safari Lodge


JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru


Evolve Back Coorg

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