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The majesty of nature is on full display at the thundering Athirapally waterfall as it cascades down a sheer rock face, surrounded by virgin forest. In this pristine slice of nature sits Rainforest, a retreat at arm’s length from the falls, so you wake only to the sights and sounds of the wilderness: the roar of water and the song of birds, the deep green of the Sholayar forest and the serene Chalakudy River. At Rainforest, the agenda is simply to unwind and reconnect - with mother nature, and also with yourself.


Waterfall trek

A gentle walk takes you up close to the magnificent Athirapally Falls to witness the true might of nature. Feel the spray of water on your face as you sit by the rocks and take in the sights.

Bird watching trails

Spot striking, native bird life like the hornbill, the paradise flycatcher, and the Malabar Trogan in the vicinity of the lodge on relaxing birding walks.

Ayurvedic therapies

Indulge in a holistic Ayurvedic therapy in the lap of nature. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit at one of Kerala’s most reputed Ayurvedic centres.

Kerala cuisine

A traditional Kerala Sadya meal is an elaborate spread of curries, chutneys, rice, and lentils, served on a banana leaf, while tribal food includes delicious smoked, grilled, and charred dishes cooked in bamboo. Whichever meal you choose will be one to remember.

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June - October

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Rainforest - Celestial room


Rainforest - dining area


Rainforest - Jacuzzi view


Rainforest - Premium room


Rainforest - Tree house

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