Tigers, wineries, and India’s Maximum City

Tadoba, Mumbai, Nashik


A luxurious seven-night trip brings it all together with a healthy dose of local food and culture. Explore Tadoba, one of India’s finest tiger reserves. On jeep safaris, naturalists will help you track large cats and Indian bison, rare birds and butterflies. In always-vibrant Mumbai, we’ll take you through Victorian-era neighbourhoods and teeming bazaars, iconic street food hubs and the best seaside promenades. We’ll end with a relaxing stay at a vineyard, where you can learn about the wine-making process or simply sip fine vino at the tasting room.


  • Track tigers on safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
  • Sample delicious street eats on a Mumbai food walk
  • Cycle around Mumbai at dawn
  • Explore Mumbai’s vibrant bazaars on a guided walk
  • Sip fine wines and tour the Sula Vineyard 
  • Explore the narrow lanes of Nashik’s old city

DAY 1-3

From tiger country to gleaming metropolis, you’ll have a wealth of adventures in Maharashtra. Tadoba is a premier tiger reserve, where, with a luxurious wilderness lodge as your base, you’ll track large cats and a host of other wildlife on jungle safaris. Go birdwatching with naturalists, explore local villages, spend evenings stargazing, and enjoy a constant soundtrack of jungle sounds. In Mumbai, you’ll taste delicious kebabs and curries on a curated food tour, explore thriving bazaars, and see grand Victorian architecture.  

DAY 4-7

Nashik is India’s wine capital. Take a slow stroll through the vineyards and then sip fine wine at a tasting room as you watch the sunset. We’ll take you on guided tours of the holy city and you’ll stay at a charming winery where you’re never too far from a perfect vino. 

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Tadoba, Mumbai, Nashik


7 Nights

Best time to visit

October - April

Ideal for

Families, Couples


Source at Sula


The Oberoi Mumbai


Svasara Jungle Lodge

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