Temples and Tigers

Panna, Bandhavgarh


The former hunting grounds of Central India’s maharajas are today amongst the finest tiger reserves in India. In the jungles of Bandhavgarh and Panna, life moves at a different pace. Spend active mornings spotting wild cats on safari, and languorous afternoons at luxurious lodges that blend into the forest. Venture outside the wilderness to the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site of Khajuraho. Centuries-old temples tell incredible stories of love, war, and drama through their carvings. We’ll let the walls do the talking.


  • See the magnificent carved temples of Khajuraho
  • Go on a thrilling night safari in Panna National Park
  • Track tigers on safari in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
  • Tour the lush countryside by cycle
  • Stay in a treehouse at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

DAY 1-4

Check in to a secluded riverside wilderness lodge for an immersive stay in nature. Go on safaris to track tigers in Panna National Park. The wilderness thrives with all kinds of life - large cats, tiny critters, nocturnal birds. On night drives and walks with naturalists, you’ll experience the myriad sights and sounds of the jungle. We’ll also go on a daytrip to see the magnificent temples of Khajuraho, best known for their millenia-old titillating stone carvings. 

DAY 5-7

Bandhavgarh is among India’s finest tiger reserves. You’ll stay at the most luxurious, eco-conscious properties tucked into the fold of the wilderness. On morning jeep safaris, see the forest come to life with the sunrise. Track tigers and large creatures by jeep, and go on guided walks with expert naturalists to see the forest’s smallest creatures. And when the sun sets, enjoy sundowners and starlit meals at your wilderness lodge.

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Panna, Bandhavgarh


7 Nights

Best time to visit

October - April

Ideal for

Families, Couples


Kings Lodge


Ken River Lodge

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