Offbeat Himachal

Ratnari, Sangla, Kalpa, Rampur Bushahr, Shimla


Far from the hordes of holidaymakers, quiet mountain villages set in untouched nature offer a truly secluded Himachal getaway. Pick apples in orchards, enjoy riverside bonfires, explore remote hilltop temples, and trek in pine forests. Revisit relics of the colonial-era in Shimla’s Gothic architecture and pedestrianised streets. You’ll always have stunning Himalayan vistas and warm Himachali hospitality on this rejuvenating journey into the mountains.


  • Go apple picking in a hillside orchard
  • Enjoy a Himalayan trekking experience on a hike to Hatu Peak
  • Visit scenic Chitkul, the last village before the Indo - Tibet border  
  • Experience the Kinnauri way of life at Batseri village
  • See stunning views on a trek to Chaka Peak
  • Ride through the Himalayan foothills in a private rail motor car

DAY 1-6

Remote Himachali mountain towns tucked deep into the fold of the Himalaya are the perfect base to disconnect from city life. Pick fruits in a glorious apple orchard surrounded by mountain peaks. Trek through pine forests and Himalayan meadows. Feel the warmth of unfiltered mountain sunshine as you laze by a river. Make excursions into quaint Himachali villages to experience the cuisine and way of life of the local community. 

DAY 7-10

Wander through quiet village streets to see Himachali homes and temples with their trademark wooden architecture. In Shimla, experience the buzz of a popular summer getaway town, filled with quaint cafes and market streets. Sip endless cups of steaming tea as you gaze out over snow-covered peaks, and spend sunny days exploring the town’s colonial-era architecture. Embrace the joy of slow living on this rejuvenating mountain getaway.

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Ratnari, Sangla, Kalpa, Rampur Bushahr, Shimla


10 Nights

Best time to visit

September - October

Ideal for

Couples, Solo



Rampur Bushahr

Hotel Nau Nabh Heritage


Echor - The Alpine Crest


Banjara Camps & Retreat


Meena Bagh Ratnari Resort

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