A Classic Goan Holiday

Nerul - North Goa, Chorla Ghats, Cansaulim - South Goa


Relax on the quiet beaches of North Goa, coconut water in hand. Explore lush river islands covered in paddy fields and tropical jungles filled with birdsong. See charming Portuguese houses and churches on a private walking tour and experience the vibrance of a local Goan bazaar. Stay at the most intimate properties, surrounded by the sea and gardens, and sample piquant, local Goan flavours. Join us for a truly luxurious, enriching Goan holiday.


  • Walk the colourful lanes of the heritage Latin Quarter in Panaji
  • Take a river boat tour to the paddy-field-covered Divar Island
  • Cast a line in the sea with with local village fishermen
  • Trek to a waterfall & spot native birds 
  • See heritage architecture on a ‘Houses of Goa’ walking tour
  • Visit a beautiful spice plantation

DAY 1-5

Goa’s most vibrant beaches are in the North. Spend relaxed days soaking in some sun and sea, and follow it up with a delicious seafood meal at a little shack. Further inland, explore the historic Latin Quarter, filled with colourful Portuguese architecture and charming galleries. Far away from the crowds, we’ll take you on a private excursion to a serene river island covered in paddy fields and ancient temples. 

DAY 6-10

Away from its scenic coastline, Goa has a lush, forested interior. Trek to waterfalls and spot endemic birds, experience the laid-back pace of village life and tour local markets filled with produce and fish. In Goa, you’re never far from a good meal. You’ll taste the most authentic Goan recipes, from vindaloo and xacuti to tangy prawn curries.

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Nerul - North Goa, Chorla Ghats, Cansaulim - South Goa


10 Nights

Best time to visit

October - March

Ideal for


South Goa

Postcard Cuelim

Chorla Ghat

Wildernest Nature Resort

North Goa

Ahilya by the Sea

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