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Create lasting memories in the world’s dreamiest destinations, where the most incredible experiences await: swim in a glorious blue sinkhole, camp under the stars in the high Himalaya, or cruise through the Amazon Rainforest. The world is full of magic, and we’ll help you find it.

Cruise through the Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Journey deep into Peru’s most remote rainforest on a luxury cruise vessel that delicately charts a course through the fragile ecosystem of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Navigate creeks, lakes, and narrow waterways to explore one of the largest protected flooded forests in the world, and you have a chance of spotting rare and beautiful wildlife - Amazonian pink river dolphins, otters, and manatees in the water, and a plethora of bird life up in the dense canopy.

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Explore Al-Ula - a ‘living museum’ in Saudi Arabia

Deep in the Arabian desert, AlUla is an ancient city suspended in time and Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Deep canyons, stunning natural rock formations, and 7000-year-old tombs define the stark landscape. AlUla was the capital of centuries-old kingdoms that lay along the caravan trade route, and visitors can still see rock-cut chambers, tombs carved from red earth, and ancient rock art in this one-of-a-kind outdoor living museum.

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Witness the Northern Lights at Yellowknife, Canada

On the banks of Canada’s Great Slave Lake, visitors have a 95% chance of catching the glorious aurora borealis as it dances across the night sky in great waves of light. Canada is home to nearly 90% of land located under the Aurora Oval, the area with the brightest and most frequent displays of the northern lights. At Yellowknife, you can watch the beautiful spectacle from a cozy teepee with heated outdoor seats.

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An Underground City Filled with Wine, Moldova

Far beneath the streets of Moldova, a labyrinthe of alleys and lanes spreads out over 150 miles to form a vast underground city. These subterranean streets are lined with thousands and thousands of bottles of wine, honouring Moldova’s age-old winemaking tradition. An abandoned limestone mine was converted into the world’s largest underground wine cellar, where visitors can weave past classic vintages and tasting rooms in vehicles with a private guide.

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Close Encounters with Arctic Wolves, Norway

High above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, the Wolf Lodge is located within the wolf enclosure of the Polar animal park, promising a truly up close and personal encounter with the magnificent wild inhabitants of this icy landscape. Wolves circle the exclusive property, and this is a once in a lifetime chance to experience arctic nature at close quarters. You can also meet these beautiful wolves face to face, guided by dedicated animal keepers.

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Luxury Camping in the Indian Himalaya

Ladakh lies along the former Silk Route from China to Persia, an ancient Buddhist enclave cradled in the rugged Indian Himalaya. In this surreal landscape of glacial rivers and mountain desert, The Ultimate Travelling Camp has created a glamping experience like no other. Luxury tents with chandeliers, a personal butler for dedicated service, fabulous meals and authentic experiences like mountain polo, all come together to offer you an unforgettable camping experience in the Himalayas.

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Siberia’s Lake Baikal in Winter

In the remote Siberian mountains lies Lake Baikal, one of the oldest, largest, and deepest lakes in the world. In summer, the vast blue water invites visitors to swim in the shadow of beautiful mountains and lush surrounding nature reserves. And in the winter, as the lake gradually freezes over, the landscape transforms into a magical winter wonderland. Winter changes Lake Baikal into a smooth ice shelf, an endless natural ice rink, with visitors skating across its smooth surface and sledding around the 2000-km shoreline.

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Swim the the Great Blue Hole in Belize

At the centre of the Lighthouse Reef off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is the world’s largest underwater sinkhole, nearly a 1000-feet wide and more than 400-feet deep. This geological wonder was originally a limestone cave that collapsed during the Ice Age, and preserves ancient stalactite formations at its watery depths. Diving, snorkeling, or simply swimming in this glorious patch of blue is an unparalleled experience, the coral is vibrant and the marine life intriguing, but it is the limestone remnants deep within the water that are the real highlight.

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Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve

A thriving rainforest with giant strangler figs, moss-covered trees, and bright orchids amidst low hanging clouds and misty air, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve is a biodiverse wonderland. The air is filled with the calls of rare birds and insects, and several endemic species call this forest home. Walk through this pristine wilderness with a trained naturalist, who will introduce you to the smallest critters and largest megafauna of this unique ecosystem.

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Spend a Night in the Uyuni Salt Flats in an Airstream Camper, Bolivia

An endless expanse of white stretches across Bolivia’s Andean plateau, 12,000 sq km of shimmering plains extending into the horizon. Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world, a surreal and ancient landscape of salt and rock, with vivid lagoons and pink flamingos. Glide across this salt desert in a sleek Airstream campervan, exploring new landscapes every day with a guide, and enjoying private meals and drinks in your personal meal car.

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Experience the Sami Culture of the Swedish Lapland, Sweden

In Sweden’s northernmost region, in a magical Arctic landscape of snowy mountains and vast woodlands, unique cultures and age-old customs thrive. Here in the Swedish Lapland, the indegenous Sami people preserve their traditional way of life through reindeer herding and the duodji handicraft industry. Travel through this remote region best known for its stunning landscapes, and discover how the Sami people live close to nature in the Arctic, offering guests an immersive experience with delicious food around a crackling fire.

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