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Tropical Splash: The coral reefed Andaman and its 300

The Andaman Islands are the quintessential tropical paradise. White sands, turquoise waters, mangrove forests, and an unending list of adventures await. Waterbabies, this is your playground. Here are some incredible experiences to try on the islands.

Take a private scuba diving lesson

Havelock Island

Deep beneath the surface of the Andamans’ turquoise waters lies a thriving marine world, waiting to be explored. Beautiful coral reefs are home to clownfish and seastars, octopus and oysters. Dive deep into the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean to explore this magical realm. You can sign up for a PADI-certified one-on-one session, or a longer dive course. Learn how to breathe underwater, and then swim with the stingrays, explore the seabed, and experience the incredible joy of scuba diving. 

Go Game Fishing at Cinque Island

Cinque Island

Venture into secluded Cinque Island, surrounded by dazzling blue waters and thriving marine life. Relax on the white sand beaches, and then hop aboard a fully-equipped game fishing yacht to try your luck at saltwater angling. Cast a line into the tropical seas and experience the thrill of sports fishing in the Andamans. The waters are rich with tuna, barracuda, red snapper and many other varieties of fish. 

See bioluminescence on a night kayak tour

Havelock Island

In the dark of night, the shoreline lights up with glowing blue-green embers in a most magical sight. Bioluminescence is an incredible natural phenomenon caused by phytoplankton glowing underwater. See this magnificent sight on a night kayak tour of Havelock Island’s waters. Paddle through the ocean and lagoons, and then make your way through the narrow water channels of the island’s dense mangrove forests. Gaze up at a brilliantly starlit sky and hear the crickets sing on this memorable nighttime adventure.

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Tropical Splash: The coral reefed Andaman and its 300

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