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North-eastern odyssey: Rivered calmness of Assam

In the foothills of the Himalaya and stretched across the banks of the great Brahmaputra River, Assam is a state with diverse natural habitats. Stunning landscapes are par for the course, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to unwind in nature. But Assam also has a rich legacy of craft and culture, from silk weaving to mask making. Here are some truly immersive experiences that introduce you to the real Assam.

Visit the World’s Largest River Island System


In the Brahmaputra lies a beautiful river island known as Majuli, covered in paddy fields and lush vegetation. Clusters of wooden stilt houses form villages on the island, but Majuli is best known for its satras. These Vaishnavite monasteries are age-old centres of culture, where you can meet the monks and watch a monastic dance ritual. Explore the island’s diverse crafts, such as traditional mask making, and see a wealth on native birdlife. Majuli’s unique neo-Vaishnavite culture and diverse ecosystem make it a wonderful place to visit for both history buffs and nature lovers. 

See Traditional Silk Weaving in a Village of Craftspeople


Assam is famed for its delicate silks, especially the dazzling white-gold muga and the pale eri. These fabrics are woven into exquisite mekhela chador, the traditional attire worn by Assamese women. The garment is draped like a sari but features two separate pieces of cloth. Sualkuchi by the Brahmaputra River is a silk weavers village, where the narrow streets are filled with craftspeople engaged in the age-old art of weaving on wooden looms. Explore the town’s rich heritage, see silk being woven the traditional way into fine fabrics, and shop for some gorgeous designs. 

Explore the Wilderness of Nameri National Park


In the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya, Nameri is a thriving biodiversity hotspot with an incredible variety of trees and plants. The jungle is home to tigers and sloth bears, leopards and Indian wild dogs. Wild elephants roam the densely forested tracts. Up in the trees, bird life is abundant. You might glimpse the beautiful hornbill, along with colourful bee eaters and bulbuls. The Jia Bhoroli river flows through the region, sustaining life in the national park. Explore this stunning wilderness on treks and bird watching walks, raft down the river and spot wildlife along the banks. There’s nothing as rejuvenating as being in the lap of nature.

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North-eastern odyssey: Rivered calmness of Assam

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