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Indian Haven: Kashmir’s symphony to the soul

Kashmir is truly nature’s playground, with vast meadows, pine forest, and snow-capped mountains. In this incredible landscape, adventure activities are plenty. You can ski down mountains and raft down rivers, but Kashmir is also home to ancient craft traditions. Here are some immersive experiences to introduce you to the region’s unique way of life.

Experience Kashmiriyat on a Heritage Walk


Kashmir is blessed with all of nature’s bounty, but it is also a land of rich craft traditions. The markets burst with fine pashminas and delicate silk carpets. Get an inside look at the city’s rich handicraft legacy on this guided tour, where you can meet the artisans and weavers who create these timeless works of art. Watch as skilled craftsmen work with paper mache, listen to the stories of weavers who spin the most exquisite pashmina shawls, admire the intricate work of handwoven carpets, and of course, shop for truly local souvenirs. 

Go White-water Rafting on the Lidder River


In the cradle of pine-covered mountains, Pahalgam is a stunningly picturesque town on the banks of the Lidder River. The waters are primed for adventure sport, with grade II and III rapids. Go on a thrilling river rafting adventure on the beautiful river, gazing up at the mountains and at the lush countryside. The waters of the Lidder are filled with glorious brown and rainbow trout. Angling in the crisp mountain air with panoramic valley views is a truly special experience. You could also cast a line and try your luck at trout fishing.

Try Heli Skiing in the Himalayas


High up in the Western Himalaya, Gulmarg is India’s premier ski destination. The village is carpeted in a thick blanket of snow every winter, creating some incredible ski runs for both beginners and advanced skiers. Turn the adventure up a notch and sign up for a full day heli skiing experience in the Himalayas. You’ll board a helicopter to reach the top of an exclusive ski area, and ski downhill on long, uninterrupted runs. This is truly the adventure of a lifetime.

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Indian Haven: Kashmir’s symphony to the soul

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