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Holiday Coast: Portugal influenced Goan Magic

The sunshine state is more than just its beaches and bars. Head into the interior for heritage architecture walks and thrilling jungle adventures. Here are four truly off-the-beaten-path things to do in Goa.

Explore Goa’s Charming Latin Quarter

Step into Fontainhas, and you step into an alternate side of Goa, Narrow cobbled lanes are bordered with colourful Portuguese-style villas. The 18th-century neighbourhood preserves its Portuguese heritage in the unique architecture and traditional cuisine. Join an expert on a guided tour as your walk through this charming neighbourhood, exploring galleries full of contemporary art, stepping into traditional bakeries, and taking in the magnificent architecture of shuttered windows and vibrantly coloured balconies. 

Go Kayaking in Dense Mangrove Forests

Venture far from the coast, and you’ll find that Goa is home to thriving forest and winding rivers. A kayaking expedition deep into the heart of a mangrove forest introduces you to a vibrant ecosystem, full of birds and small critters. Navigate narrow channels of water as you row a kayak under a dense canopy of trees, learn about the wildlife around you, and watch as the sun comes up over this watery wilderness. Discover a side of Goa that very few are lucky enough to see. 

Try Jungle Canyoning in a Forest

The truly adventurous can sign up for this thrilling activity that tests your skills and endurance. Goa’s jungles are filled with waterfalls and rocks, small gorges and pools. In this rugged terrain, you’ll rappel down rocks, jump into pools, trek through gorges, and abseil down waterfalls. Canyoning is a high octane adventure that lets you engage with the landscape and requires good physical strength and stamina. 

Take a Luxurious River Cruise on the Mandovi

Board a modern yacht and sail down the Mandovi in the lap of luxury. On a private vessel with plush interiors, you’ll have a sundeck, kitchen, and bar services to accompany serene views of Goa’s lush backwaters. Sail past forests and quiet fishing villages as you watch the bird life and enjoy the sea breeze with a glass of bubbly on this luxurious yacht cruise. 

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Holiday Coast: Portugal influenced Goan Magic

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