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Historically Crafted: The unexplored western jewel - Gujarat

Gujarat is known for its wealth of colourful craft traditions and its many holy sites. Discover little-known facets of the state’s culture with these offbeat experiences.

See Prehistoric Fossils at a Dinosaur Fossil Park

Indroda Fossil Park

Over 60 million years ago, parts of present day Gujarat were inhabited by several species of dinosaurs. Excavations in the region led to the discovery of fossils and proof that at least 13 species of dinosaurs roamed these parts. The Indroda Fossil Park usually flies off the tourist radar, but it is a pleasant stop to discover a bit about the prehistoric creatures that inhabited the earth. Kids will enjoy the huge dinosaur sculptures and the museum with skeletons of massive sea creatures. 

Trek the Holy Girnar Hills


The Girnar Hills are a pilgrimage centre for both Hindus and Jains, and the five peaks are dotted with many temples. Thousands of steps lead to these shrines. Trekking in the hills at dawn is a fun-filled experience for active travellers. You’ll have sweeping views of the countryside and cross many sacred spots, including small ponds and shrines. Some of the Jain temples date back to the 12th century. Catch the sunrise at these sacred and serene spot in the lap of nature for a truly fulfilling morning. 

Watch the Ancient Art of Ajrakh Printing

Gujarat is famed for its Ajrakh prints. The age-old art form was passed down through generations, and today, skilled craftsmen create vibrant designs by hand. The process involves using hand carved wooden pieces to block print on fabric, and the result is beautifully patterned, brightly coloured textiles. Visit a craftsmen to see the painstaking process of hand block printing using natural and vegetable dyes, and stock up on typical Ajrakh sarees and fabric. 

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Historically Crafted: The unexplored western jewel - Gujarat

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