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Divine Heritage: Cultural and colonial brilliance of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a state of the arts. Music, dance, art, and traditional cuisine offer up a diverse palate for every kind of traveler.

Learn how to make Jaggery & Traditional Pottery


The idyllic town of Pollachi nestled in the fold of the Western Ghats is a hub of ancient knowledge and crafts. Skilled potters wield the most incredible creations from local red mud. The coconut and palm plantations that cover the land yield delicious jaggery, made in a traditional way. Watch skilled craftsmen and farmers as they produce these local specialties, and try your hand at honing your skills.

See pottery made using age-old firing techniques and then shop for delicately made handmade pottery.  Head into the countryside to watch local tree climbers scale the palm trees to collect sap and taste freshly tapped palm nectar straight from the source.

Cycle through Pondicherry’s charming French Quarter


Pondicherry was a French colony until 1954. The seaside French Quarter retains the legacy of the colonial era in its distinct architecture, wide boulevards, quaint cafes and churches. Explore the streets of this atmospheric neighbourhood by cycle, pedalling past sunshine yellow facades and bougainvillea lined lanes. Pop into quirky design stores and stop for a croissant and coffee at a streetside cafe. Take in uninterrupted views of the sea as you cycle along the promenade, always buzzing with activity through the day, but serene and beautiful in the early hours of the day. 

Trace the history of Bharatnatyam on a dance and culture tour


Tamil Nadu boasts a rich tapestry of arts and culture. Get an inside look at its age-old traditions of dance, music, and crafts on this immersive guided tour. Kalakshetra is a vibrant arts centre, preserving the legacy of crafts like Kalamkari and various performing arts. Explore the beautiful campus, watch a class in action, and shop for beautiful handmade textiles and crafts. 

In Chennai, meet a Bharatnatyam dancer to understand how the art form is inextricably linked to the city. Watch a performance, hear dancers’ fascinating stories, and even learn some typical Bharatnatyam moves. 

Walk through the ancient city of Madurai


The ringing of temple bells fills the air. The scent of jasmine flowers mixes with the heady aroma of filter coffee. The market streets thrive with activity and the skyline is dotted with impressive temple spires. Madurai is an old-world town with a rich history, best explored on foot. Join a guided walking tour to hear stories of gods and kings, explore markets and monuments. You’ll see typical Dravidian temple architecture, with grand carvings and impressive gateways. Explore bazaars and bylanes for a glimpse of life in this picturesque ancient town.

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Divine Heritage: Cultural and colonial brilliance of Tamil Nadu

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