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Desert Stories: The untold tales of Rajasthan

With its grand palaces and forts, Rajasthan offers a truly royal getaway. The region is just as famous for its craft, culture, and cuisine. Explore age-old traditions of art and handicrafts, and sign up for some adrenaline-pumping activities to experience the best of Rajasthan.

See Stunning Frescoes in the Mansions of Shekhawati


In the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, ornate havelis, or mansions, are filled with the most exquisite frescoes. So much so that Shekhawati is often called an open air art gallery. Once part of a lucrative trading route, affluent merchants built grand mansions in these parts. These havelis feature ornate wooden gateways, open courtyards, and dazzling mirror work. Their most intriguing feature, however, are the floor-to-ceiling frescoes. The art features scenes from myths and legends, hunting scenes, and even offers insights into more modern aspects of life, with paintings of motor cars and gramophones. Explore the interiors of a luxurious haveli to see some stunning Rajasthani frescoes. 

Explore Jaipur on a Crafts & Cuisines Walk


Since the 1700s, Jaipur’s royals encouraged craftspeople and artisans to develop their trade in the Pink City. Generations later, Jaipur is a thriving hub of handicrafts, textiles, and delicious cuisine. Discover this rich heritage on a guided walk that takes you into the heart of the city’s markets and meandering lanes. See skilled artisans work with silver and gemstones to fashion exquisite jewelry, browse breezy hand block printed cottons, and sample delicious snacks and drinks at street corners. Jaipur’s bazaars are the best place to buy authentic souvenirs. 

Join an Expert-Led Miniature Painting Workshop


In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Mewar school of painting gained popularity in Rajasthan. This is a miniature style of painting, requiring immense skill and depicting local legends in bright colours. The art form flourishes even today in and around Udaipur. Visit a skilled painter’s workshop and learn how to create your very own miniature artwork. Watch a practiced hand demonstrate the intricacies of the craft, and come away with your very own Rajasthani-style painting. 

Zipline over the Mehrangarh Fort


The Mehrangarh Fort towers over the city of Jodhpur, an imposing feature on the skyline with ramparts and grand gateways. Ziplining over the fort is a thrilling adventure and also offers entirely different views of a classic sight. Soar high above the Rajasthani countryside for a bird’s eye view of the Blue City. You’ll see the vast Rao Jodha Eco Park, desert lakes, sprawling gardens, and of course, the stunning Mehrangarh Fort. 

Stay in a Tented Camp in the Desert


Experience life in the Thar Desert when you check in to a luxurious tented camp set amidst the golden sand dunes of Rajasthan. You’ll have camels for company as you explore the desert villages. Meet the local Bhil and Bishnoi communities, see potters and weavers at work, and keep an eye out for local wildlife. The desert thrives with life, and you might spot blue bulls and gazelles as you spend a night under the desert sky.

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Desert Stories: The untold tales of Rajasthan

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