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A Plateau province: Maharashtra, a gift for one and all

Maharashtra offers visitors the chance to revel in city life or go off the beaten path. Explore tiger-filled forests or sip fine wine on a vineyard tour. There’s something for every kind of traveller in Maharashtra.

Go Wine Tasting in a Vineyard


Nashik is India’s wine capital. The low hills are carpeted in vineyards that lend themselves to relaxing day trips. Sula Vineyards is among India’s best known wineries, producing Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and other varieties of wine. Take a relaxing slow stroll through the vineyards and see how grapes are grown. A professional winemaker will introduce you to the process of wine making, from vine to cask. End the day at the tasting room, where you can sip fine vino with glorious views of the estate.

Go on a Jeep Safari at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve


Tadoba is one of India’s finest tiger reserves. On jeep safaris in this vast wilderness, naturalists will help you track large cats and a host of other wildlife. Spotting a regal tiger is the highlight of any visit here, but Tadoba is also home to Indian bison, sloth bear, leopard, barking deer, rare birds and butterflies. Experience the jungle with all your senses: listen to bird and insect calls, breathe in the fresh forest air, and look high into the branches of old teak and mahua trees.

Visit the Ancient Ellora Caves


The Ellora Cave Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its ancient rock cut architecture. You’ll see cave temples with Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain shrines, as well as stunning rock architecture with thousand-year-old paintings and sculptures. Join a private guided tour to learn the incredible history of this heritage site, and explore Aurangabad’s glorious architecture, from Mughal-era tombs to formidable hilltop forts. You’ll also visit the Daulatabad Fort and Bibi ka Maqbara on this day tour.

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A Plateau province: Maharashtra, a gift for one and all

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