The Absolute Journey, embodies lifestyle travel. The discerning eye to detail and fertile network in the industry has been our vocation and obsession.

We place our clients firmly at the centre with exceptional personal service at an unsurpassed level, capturing it all in context.

When, For Whom? Why

Recognising the importance of diminutive details, The Absolute Journey constantly reinvents its service for tomorrow, proactively anticipating a client’s need: sourcing the most desirable trend and bespoke journeys, we alter your sense for timeless travel and opulent locations opening doors to a unique and unforgettable experience.

Consider us your local, well-connected friend on ground and in the air.

You're Welcome!

Pradeep & Leenaa

There are over one hundred differences between us, but what inspires us about the other is our ability to embrace hardships and our determination to survive. We are born builders, we’ve built long lasting teams, created unbeatable goals in the companies we worked for and we are determined to build companies that are impactful and inspiring every life that we touch.

Our legacy lies in the way we approach our work and our people - with care, respect and love. These values are some of our greatest strengths. Thirty three years of collective experience in the travel and events industry has taught us to be bold & brave and to have the guts to take the road less travelled - no matter the odds.

The Absolute Journey is one of our bravest & most cherished move. We quit our secure jobs to disrupt the travel industry.We tasted success and the thrill of reaching higher only got stronger & intelligible.We are an unstoppable force supported by unbreakable values and ethos.

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